Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program

Program Schedules

Ball State University is working diligently to arrange an engaging and informative program for you. We are still organizing the academic and programmatic schedules and will be posting updates here often.

In addition to our professional staff and faculty, we have student mentors to help guide you through the program. These mentors will help with any details of the program, but they also assist academically and culturally to make your participation in the program as rewarding as possible.

Below are some of the activities that we have scheduled for you over the course of the program:

  • Experience a traditional American 4th of July Celebration including an outdoor barbecue, music from America’s Hometown Band and fireworks at Minnetrista Cultural Center.
  • Volunteer at the Animal Rescue Fund, a non-profit, grassroots organization that provides shelter and homes for neglected and abandoned pets.
  • Meet people from both the USA and abroad who are interested in making cross-cultural connections at International Conversation Hour.
  • Learn about local and state government with "An Afternoon with the Mayor", hosted by Muncie’s Mayor Tyler and a visit to the Indiana State Capitol with State Senator Tim Lanane.
  • Spend a weekend with an American family.
  • Develop skills in social entrepreneurship through a rigorous academic calendar and visits to select non-profit organizations.
  • Have fun! Our IYLEP team will take you on an education and cultural tour to the great city of Chicago.
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