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Isra University, Pakistan

Ball State University has engaged in a three year partnership with Isra University in Hyderabad, Pakistan. This agreement will increase the capacity in academia, research and business outreach for the Department of Management Sciences at Isra University. 

The degree programs specifically impacted will include the Bachelor of Business Administration, the Master of Business Administration, and the M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Management Sciences. BSU’s assistance will focus on areas such as Entrepreneurship and Commercialization, Marketing, Finance, Management and Information Systems. Activities include faculty and student exchanges, curriculum development, exchange of resource materials and publications of mutual interest, professional development for faculty, long distance teaching via internet/digital video conferencing, collaborative research, international conferences and assisting the Department of Management Sciences achieve accreditation by an international body.

Ball State will assist in the strengthening of existing and development of new courses and seminars and will work with lecturers and students in designing business plans and conducting internationally recognized collaborative research. The goal of the reform is to bring the IU Management Sciences curricula up to international standards. The relationship will be reciprocal, with Isra University academic staff and students traveling to Ball State University for intensive workshops and BSU faculty traveling to Pakistan to conduct on-site training and collaborative research. The linkage will provide opportunities for Ball State faculty to conduct research in Pakistan with Isra colleagues, publish jointly authored academic papers, organize international conferences and teach students at both BSU and Isra University in classes brought together in real-time through E-Learning and Digital Video Conferencing (DVC). Ball State and Isra University students will form relationships with each other through shared classes and projects. The linkage between Isra University and Ball State University will promote mutual understanding between the people of the United States and Pakistan. 

March 2014 - US Delegation Visit to Isra University

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