Center for International Development


What to Bring

When considering what to pack, keep in mind the climate of Muncie, Indiana and the different activities of the program. Useful items to bring with you include:


  • Summer clothing (T-Shirts, shorts, cotton dresses, hats, sandals, light jacket)
  • One or two nicer outfits with dress shoes for formal occasions
  • Traditional clothing from your home country or area (very useful for international festival and other international events)

Personal Items

  • If you wear glasses and/or contact lenses, bring a pair of glasses and/or contact lenses and verification of your current optical prescription
  • Medication and back-up prescriptions for this medication
  • Any personal hygiene products from your home country that may not be available in the United States (most beauty and personal hygiene products can be purchased inexpensively once in Muncie. Local stores offer a wide range of products.)

Optional Items

  • Music from Pakistan (CDs or tapes). Traditional music of your home country can be very useful for international events, presentations, etc. 
  • Pictures of your country, your home, your family, and your friends
  • Camera
  • Portable radio/CD player/iPod
  • Alarm Clock