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Pan-Africa Youth Leadership Program

About PAYLP       

Ball State University will host the 2014 Pan-Africa Youth Leadership Program (PAYLP) for high school students, a program sponsored by the U.S Department of State and implemented by Meridian International Center, a Washington, DC based non-profit institution. This dynamic leadership exchange program will bring together 72 African students and adult mentors in three cohorts from across Africa, for three weeks, to strengthen their understanding of civic duties and responsibilities, respect for diversity, and the importance of community engagement.

Selected students will travel to the U.S. in Spring, Summer and Fall of 2014. The first four days will be spent in Washington, DC to learn about the U.S. history, culture and the U.S. system of democratic governance, civic rights and responsibilities in the U.S. followed by two weeks at Ball State University, where they will be exposed to a mix of classroom-based lectures, training and simulations focused on social entrepreneurship, interactive workshops and community engagement. The participants will also have time for site visits, cultural and volunteer activities, and speaking engagements which will provide hands-on learning opportunities for skills application and networking. Lastly, to help the participants experience the life of an American teenager and to have hands on opportunity to interact with Indiana citizens (“Hoosiers”), they will be paired up to live with American host families. 

List of Countries

 Group I Group II Group III
Botswana Chad Burkina Faso
Namibia Mauritania Mali
Kenya  Senegal Congo (DRC)
Malawi Togo  -
Nigeria  - -
South Africa  - -
Zambia  -
Zimbabwe  - -

Cohort Dates

  Dates Groups
Spring April 3 - April 17 I) Anglophone
Summer August 7 - August 20 II) Francophone
Fall October 9 - October 23 III) Francophone

Be a Homestay Host for Future African Leaders

Center for International Development is currently searching for homestay families to host an international student for two weeks in the Muncie community and share in this vibrant cultural program.

Please consider volunteering to serve as a homestay host for this exciting program. As a homestay host you will have opportunities to introduce international students to American culture and your family traditions and share Muncie attractions and community events with your student. Hosting a student will expand your cultural horizons by spending time with someone from a different culture.

Other benefits of hosting a homestay family include:

  • Encouraging families to do things together
  • Learning about another culture's customs and traditions
  • Encouraging families to explore their own state and country
  • Learning another language for interest or future travel
  • Socializing with other families hosting international students
  • Developing lasting friendships with the student and their overseas family

If you are interested in being a host family, you may download an application, fill it out and return it back to our office in Carmichael Hall.