Center for International Development

Sport for Social Change Grant

The Sport for Social Change (SSC) program in Tajikistan is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. The program’s three main goals include:

  • Help teachers learn how to use the game of soccer to develop citizenship, leadership, conflict resolution skills, and healthy living habits in youth. 
  • Develop local soccer leagues for youth ages 8-14 in four regional hubs
  • Educate parents on the benefits of sport participation

The program will consist of three phases that occur between Fall 2013 and Summer 2015

  • Phase I: Collaboration with in-country partners in conducting a needs assessment to address issues that may have arisen in local sports leagues and learn about considerations for youth development, leadership and tolerance training. Will also include recruitment sessions to identify teachers who will serve as league directors and travel to the U.S. for the exchange trip
  • Phase II: This is the U.S. portion of the program which consists of a 16-18 day training course for ten teachers focused on educating them about leadership and peaceful living skills, technical and tactical soccer skills, and how they can organize and implement soccer leagues and tournaments. 
  • Phase III: Will involve five Ball State faculty members traveling to Tajikistan to conduct follow-up workshops wit the teachers and half-day soccer clinics for youth in order to promote the continuation of the developed soccer leagues.

Lindsey Blom, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, is the Project Manager for SSC. The Center for International Development will provide all necessary logistical support for the project team, including making international travel arrangements, assisting with visa applications and receiving visitors from Tajikistan to the United States.