Shaikh Zayed University

The Faculty of Journalism at Shaikh Zayed University (SZU) plays a critical role in educating journalists for Afghanistan.  As the result of four decades of incessant conflict, however, it suffers from serious weaknesses and deficiencies, including a shortage of qualified lecturers; outdated curriculum; ineffective teaching methodologies; lack of current textbooks; inadequate access to media equipment, computers, and the Internet; lack of training programs for practicing journalists and poor facility in English. 
The partnership with Ball State University (BSU) addresses these deficiencies through a number of activities, including opportunities for seven university teachers to upgrade their skills and knowledge in contemporary journalism, professional development workshops at SZU offered by visiting faculty from Ball State, curriculum revision, mentoring on pedagogical best practices, training in how to incorporate the new Media Operations Center in teaching and outreach, textbook translations, development of short courses for working journalists, and English language training.  BSU’s award-winning, nationally recognized Departments of Journalism and Telecommunications within the College of Communication, Information, and Media will collaborate to provide the planned activities.