Contact Your Student

Contact Your Student

Keeping in contact with your student while he or she is abroad is now easier than ever before. Email, mobile phones, and prepaid long distance cards have replaced the hand-written letters of the past. Students can now remain connected from across the world. Technology varies from country to country, but you should encourage your student to check in with their new contact information as soon as they get settled. Once abroad, have your student provide you with the following information:

  • Host family name or name of residence abroad
  • Overseas phone number
  • Host school name/program name
  • Name and contact information for the on-site advisor

How to call overseas

To contact your student, simply dial:
011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

Click for a list of Country Calling Codes.

Time Zones

One of the most challenging parts of calling your student is adjusting to the time difference. If have trouble remembering what time it is for your student, just visit the World Time Clock to set up a personal time zone clock.

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