Periodically, the Center for Professional Selling will host a Sales Symposium at the beautiful Ball State Alumni Center. The 2011 symposium featured four outstanding speakers from the industry. These events are available for your training sessions to view through our website. Please call the Sales Center at 765-285-5136 or email for additional information on how to purchase your electronic ticket which includes the presentation, the slideshow, and the Q&A that followed.

2011 Sales Symposium

Program Agenda:  

 Session 1: Colleen Francis with Engage Selling Solutions
Founder and president of Engage Selling Solutions, Colleen will address the new buying culture. As the new market and economy emerge, she helps us to understand today's issues and targets during the buying process.

 Session 2: Paul Carpenter with Cornerstone Management Institute
Each year, Paul trains thousands of people to manage, motivate, and communicate more effectively. Based upon the bestselling book The Inch Principle, Paul will show how to speak your customer's language, build trust, and increase sales.

 Session 3: Doug Dvorak with Dvorak Marketing Group
Launching his new book, Sales 3.0 - The New Contact Sport, Doug shows how to harness the power of social media marketing and how to target certain demographics. His program is a survival strategy for any sales person. 

 Session 4: Brooke Green with Caskey Training
Brooke is a coach for Caskey Training, an Indianapolis firm specializing in training and developing B2B sales teams. Brooke focuses on thinking vs. skills and behaviors. She comes armed with her head, heart, and women's intuition.