Successful professional salespeople are intelligent, ethical, hard-working, and excellent communicators. The goal of the Center for Professional Selling curriculum is to help your son or daughter prepare for successful careers in professional selling. Students not pursuing sales careers also benefit from the center’s program because they learn how to be more effective communicators and relationship builders.

Here’s what you should consider…

  • The Ball State University Center for Professional Selling is nationally recognized as one of the leaders in sales education.
  • Each January we host an annual Sales Career Fair, which is among the largest sales career fairs in the country. Companies from all over the country recruit our students for full-time and internship positions.
  • Many of our graduates earn six figure incomes within a few years of graduation.
  • If you want to speak with someone about how the Center for Professional Selling can help your son or daughter, please contact: or 765-285-5136.