University Design Center

Why University Design Center?

At the University Design Center, we are well prepared to help you with your design needs. Our students are enrolled in instructional classes that provide them with the knowledge to complete an effective and functional design. The main objective for University Design Center (UDC) is helping the clients develop their vision while analyzing design requirements. Working with students and educators saves you money by allocating resources wisely, offering you multiple choices for your spaces (thus reducing future design mistakes), and increasing productivity for your business. Schematic design is the most time consuming and expensive phase of the design process. It is during this phase where ideas are generated. By working with our students, we provide you with numerous alternatives, giving you the freedom to choose the design that best fits your needs.

According to industry research, a well-planned interior space can benefit companies through accommodation of current and future needs, as well as increasing the profit and productivity of employees. Commercial spaces are designed specifically for their function. We can provide you a design that is an extension of your image and business mission. By providing environmentally friendly materials and furniture in a well-planned space, we can improve the physiological comfort, organizational performance, security and safety, reliability, flexibility, and overall health and well-being for all users in your space.

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Benefits for Students

Working on real-world projects helps the students enhance their learning, while teaching them to work with actual clients and professionals in the practice. It prepares them for their future internships and jobs; it also gives them real projects to add to their resumes and portfolios. This experience teaches them how to work in groups by assigning a team leader and learning how to collaborate on ideas while figuring out how to come up with a creative and effective design solution for the client.