Definition of Evaluation Terms

Assertiveness: The Intern consistently demonstrates an ability to create "win-win" scenarios in his/her interaction with clients, supervisors, and colleagues. He/She honors the rights of others to share ideas, opinions, questions, feelings, and to be accountable, and also reserves this same right for himself/herself.

Cooperation: The Intern consistently demonstrates a willingness to be a team player and contributor to project assignments at the host agency.

Communication Skills: The Intern consistently demonstrates the ability to effectively communicate with clients, colleagues, subordinates, and supervisors in a professional manner. He/She demonstrates assertiveness, active listening skills, and has the ability to communicate appropriately in written and verbal form consistent with the company culture in which he/she is serving.

Follows Instructions: The Intern consistently completes assigned tasks and responsibilities in a sequential and prescribed approach as determined by the host agency.

Initiative: The Intern is a self-starter and needs little direction or encouragement to accomplish a stated goal once he/she is provided clear instructions as to the task he/she is supposed to achieve.

Knowledge of Assignments: The Intern has demonstrated consistent and thorough understanding of prescribed work tasks and responsibilities. In addition, the Intern asks appropriate questions to receive clarification of work assignments before beginning a project.

Leadership Skill: The Intern demonstrates the ability to "lead by example" through his/her enthusiasm, integrity, vision, maturity, curiosity, and daring. He/She inspires trust, pays attention to the needs of clients and colleagues, and challenges the status quo. His/Her pursuit of excellence and innovation is constant.

Management Skill: The Intern demonstrates the ability to direct projects from the design phase, through implementation, management, and evaluation of a project. He/She demonstrates the ability to create an environment that empowers others to take ownership in assigned tasks. He/She nurtures teamwork and communicates regularly and effectively with colleagues and subordinates. He/She recognizes others for their achievements, helps others to succeed, and inspires trust among all team members.

Professional Conduct: The Intern consistently demonstrates appropriate behavior in all settings when interacting with colleagues, clients, or the public-at-large. In addition, the Intern dresses in appropriate professional attire for the setting in which he/she is working.

Quality of Work: Work performance meets prescribed standards of excellence as established by the host agency.

Quantity of Work: The amount of work accomplished meets prescribed standards of excellence as established by the host agency.

Small Group Process: The Intern demonstrates the ability to facilitate group meetings through his/her leadership and people skills. He/She is able to creatively involve all members as active participants. He/She is assertive, uses active listening skills, and provides appropriate recognition for the contributions of the group members.

Time Management: The Intern demonstrates the ability to efficiently and effectively make use of his/her time while at the worksite. He/She is organized, does not procrastinate, and is a self-starter.