General Internship Policies

You should meet with the Program Director of Wellness Management to discuss the planning and search for an internship site.

The student responsibilities:

  • investigate various internship sites of interest
  • propose site to fulfill the internship requirement
  • consider skills, interests, and career endeavors in selection
  • schedule preliminary discussion with the Program Director
  • secure satisfactory internship site (all sites must be approved prior to start date)

Previously selected internship sites are on file in the internship library at the Fisher Institute.  You should not contact or correspond with any potential internship site until after preliminary discussions with and approval from the Program Director.

You may fulfill the internship requirement during any fall, spring, or summer semester approved by the Program Director. The Program Director reserves the right to limit the number of students involved in internships.

Fall/Spring internships

  • 600 hours
  • 15 weeks

Summer internships (full summer session)

  • 400 hours
  • 10 weeks

The 600-hour (400-hour for summer) internship requirement is expected to be completed by working a 40-hour work week, for 15 weeks (10 weeks for summer), unless the Program Director grants you permission to reduce the number of hours worked per week and expand the total number of weeks worked.

In instances where the internship will last more than 15 weeks, you may be required to submit monthly progress reports to the Program Director.

Special circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, with the final determination and course of action to complete the internship requirement made by the Program Director.

Incomplete internships
Students not completing internships within the semester in which the credit hours are registered will receive a letter grade of "I" (incomplete) until all internship assignments have been received and approved by the Program Director of Wellness Management. Internship coursework not completed within 12 months of registration, which received a grade of "I," will automatically convert to letter grade "F."

Internship sites are not required to compensate the student during the internship experience. However, many sites do provide such incentives as a stipend, or room and board. Note: Students on internships are not under contract with the university and therefore, will not receive compensation from the university.

If you hold a graduate assistantship the two semesters immediately prior to the semester you register for internship credit hours you may be eligible for a tuition waiver. You will, however, still be responsible for the dedicated student fees as you would be as a graduate assistant.