Research and Community Impact

The Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology takes an active role on campus and in the community through various research projects, wellness programs and direct interaction with aging adults.

We offer educational experiences that support students as they design, implement, and evaluate wellness programs for individuals of all ages. Our programs take you within community agencies, health care facilities, businesses, and school corporations, where your ideas can help change lives. Our faculty and student research focuses on multidimensional approaches to health and well-being for individuals, families, and communities and on innovative techniques for achieving higher levels of wellness throughout individual lifespans.

With support from the Fisher Institute, the Community Center for Vital Aging (CCVA) is a vital resource for the Delaware County. CCVA encourages aging adults to maintain healthy lifestyles through a variety of creative and engaging programs. The activities are free and offer aging adults opportunities to stay active, learn new skills, and participate in the community.

The institute is also proud to sponsor the Kirkpatrick Lecture Series, a free annual event hosting nationally recognized experts on aging and related issues.


Our research mission is to assist organizations in designing, implementing, and evaluating programs dedicated to life span wellness. Research topics have included development of a multidimensional systems model for life span wellness, applying the Ball State Model for Wellness assessment, and motivating the community to participate in wellness activities.

As an example of our research activities, CCVA conducted a comprehensive survey of older adults in Delaware county to gather demographic data and evaluate community engagement in social and physical activities and the use of senior social services.

In collaboration with the United Way of Delaware County and Lifestream Services, Inc., this data was used as a base for the Senior Study Project (PDF) resulting in a number of recommendations to promote a livable community not only for older adults but for all ages.

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