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Director: Dr. Jackie Grutsch McKinney

Administrative Assistant: Melissa Hull

Associate Director of Online Tutoring: Liz Whiteacre

Assistant Directors: Kat Greene and Phuong Minh Tran


Morgan AprillMorgan is an English literature major with minors in Spanish and Professional Writing. She is most familiar with MLA format but also has experience with APA style. She loves helping others organize their ideas and working on research papers.




Jessica BergJessica is a post-baccalaureate student seeking a license for English Education and ESL. She has an undergraduate degree in English Literature with minors in Linguistics and Japanese, and she loves working on formal essays, research papers, and creative projects. She’s especially interested in helping students develop techniques that will strengthen their future projects.  



Gabbi BoydGabbi is a Theatre major with minors in creative writing and digital media. She is also a student in the Honors College who is practiced in “the Method.” She especially loves helping students use rhetoric and logic to craft specific and meaningful arguments.  



Rebecca BrillRebecca is double majoring in Japanese and Creative Writing. She is most familiar with MLA but occasionally does APA. She loves helping others brainstorm or get started on their papers and also enjoys helping students create multimodal projects. 




Hannah Fulton Hannah F. is a Secondary English Education major. She enjoys helping people craft research into material that will be useful for papers. Hannah also loves to brainstorm with people on thesis ideas, word choices, and directions for papers. Another thing that Hannah is interested in is helping non-native speakers of English with their writing.



Kat GreeneKat is a PhD student studying rhetoric and composition with an interest in creative non-fiction. She is currently teaching ENG 104 and is familiar with MLA and APA style. She looks forward to helping you with your academic and creative writing!




Kathryn is a Literature major with minors in Leadership Studies and Technical Theatre. She enjoys helping writers with brainstorming, research, thesis statements, organization, grammar, quote integration, and MLA citations. She has experience with several different types of essays, including research papers, comparative critiques, intensive/extensive analyses, and annotated bibliographies. She is also involved with the Ball State Daily News as a features reporter.

Natalie KellnerNatalie is majoring in Deaf Education. Her dream is to teach reading and writing to students who communicate primarily through American Sign Language. Familiar with the Honors program and both APA and MLA citations, she especially enjoys helping others with organization and research.




Yuanyuan LiaoYuanyuan is a PhD student in Applied Linguistics who is interested in metaphor studies, corpus studies in contrastive linguistics, translation studies, cross-culture influence, and language teaching. She has experience teaching ENG 103 and ENG 104. She enjoys helping others generate topics and ideas, organize their contents and structures, and use library database to find sources and do research.



Zach McNair Zach is a Philosophy major with an entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to writing experience spanning professional research, musicals, and everything between, Zach has extensive web design and graphic arts experience. He enjoys helping other develop their work while passing on the skills and techniques he has learned.




Madison NethertonMadison is an English Education major. She is outgoing and loves to help students succeed in their writing endeavors. Madison especially loves to analyze poetry and help students realize the uses of language not just in school papers, but in the real world as well.




Emily Oesterling Emily O. is studying Secondary English Education and minoring in Spanish. She enjoys creative writing as well as research, literary analysis, and critical papers. Emily is comfortable organizing thoughts and conducting beneficial research.





Armory OrchardAmory is an English Rhetoric major with minors in creative writing and digital media. Her favorite stage of the writing process is brainstorming, as she loves helping others develop their ideas and find their unique voice. She looks forward to working with you!




Emilie Schiess Emilie S. is studying English and ESL (English as a Second Language) Education. She plans to teach abroad and learn new languages during her travels. She enjoys helping others brainstorm ideas, annotate research, and organize arguments. She is also glad to help analyze and critique literature, review creative writing, and create multimodal projects. 



Ramona SimmonsRamona is a Criminal Justice major, minoring in Spanish and the Psychology of Human Development. Her strong suits lie in the areas of generating topic ideas, constructing research papers, and writing creatively (especially poetry). She views the sessions as a way to converse with other writers to expand their writing capabilities, as well as encourage new ideas and points of view.



Phuong Minh Tran Phuong is a Master’s student in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and a Graduate Assistant for the Writing Program. With her research focus in teaching composition to ESL students, she has experience in helping international students with their composition projects. An instructor of ENG 104 sections, Phuong is happy to work with you on any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to revising.  



Hannah V. is a Creative Writing major with a minor in Professional Writing and Emerging Medias. She loves helping others express themselves through writing whether that be creatively or through an academic venue. By helping others find reliable sources through research and maximizing the writer’s vocabulary and interest in the topic, she hopes to help students realize their full potential in writing!



Jameshia Wynn Jameshia is an Organizational Communication major with a minor in Sociology. She loves helping others organize and strengthen their writing skills. Jameshia likes helping others understand that writing is important, and it starts with perfecting your own.

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