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Presentations and Workshops

Our writing presentations and workshops are very popular with resident assistants, members/presidents of student groups, peer mentors, faculty, and the Muncie community. Request a presentation today!

Class and Group Visits  

Writing Center Introduction (10 to 15 minutes)
Learn more about the Writing Center services and philosophy. We’ll come to your group or class, or everyone can come to our center. You’ll get a chance to meet a peer tutor, who will tell all about our Web site, our online scheduling system, how we can help, and more. There’s a brief question and answer period at the end.

Peer Critique Fishbowl (30 to 45 minutes)
Getting feedback on writing can easily ruffle feathers and make people feel defensive. That’s why it is so helpful for students to see what constructive writing feedback is like. In this presentation, a peer tutor works with one or more of your students in front of the class to show what kinds of questions and feedback lead to a productive peer critique session. Instructors can ask the other students to pay attention to what seems particularly helpful and can lead a follow-up discussion to create guidelines for peer critique collaboratively.  

Classroom Tutor (duration of class)
Instructors can request a tutor for a session during class. The tutors sit in with peer critique groups or work with students one-to-one during class time.

Citation Workshop (30 to 50 minutes)
Need a class workshop on MLA, APA, or Chicago Manual of Style? The Writing Center provides interactive class workshops on how to cite sources and how to format in these citation styles. Please have students bring the projects and sources they are working with to the workshop.

Literature Review Workshop (30-75 minutes)
Incorporating what other scholars have written about a topic into your own research can be challenging. How do I connect secondary sources into my own writing? How do I make the sources "talk to each other"? This workshop helps novice research writers organize and integrate secondary research into a cohesive review of literature that can be incorporated into various types of research projects.  

Topic Specific
We provide workshops and presentations on a variety of other topics including the basics of academic writing, citations, and academic honesty, working with sources, and revision/proofreading strategies. Please contact us if there is a specific workshop or presentation you would be interested in.

We will also custom design sessions for you. Have an idea for a workshop topic for students or the general public? We’re interested! Contact us.

Special Events in the Writing Center  

Statement of Purpose Workshop (50 minutes)
Applying to Graduate School? Confused on what to write? Want help on your Statement of Purpose? Get general tips and experienced advice on this particularly important piece of your graduate school application. Bring a draft and work with a tutor to revise it.

Writing Across Borders (50 minutes)

Writing Across Borders is a film directed by Wayne Robertson and published by Oregon State University Center for Writing and Learning and Writing Intensive Curriculum Program, 2005. 

Once a year, the Writing Center shows a screening of this video, which sparks conversation about international students and writing on campus. Made by the Oregon State Writing Center, this video shows interviews with both international students and instructors who talk about the difficulties with writing in a non-native language. Learn about how cultural differences affect non-native speakers writing as well as how instructors can best meet the needs of these students.

National Day on Writing
The National Day on Writing occurs each year in October and is designed to encourage national attention to the art of writing. The theme in 2013 was write2connect, which encouraged all who write to talk about the ways they use writing to connect—between subject areas, with other people, with organizations and opportunities, and more. Each year, the Writing Center organizes a campus-wide recognition of writing and encourages students, faculty, and staff to write for more than just academic purposes.

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