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To get free one-to-one writing feedback online, you will need an appointment. All of our appointments are managed online, so you can create, modify, or cancel an appointment any time, day or night.

When you work with a tutor online, you will email the file you want to work on at least 15 minutes before your appointment start time. Your tutor will email you back a Google Drive URL about 10 minutes before you are scheduled to meet. Click on this link, and you will meet your tutor in Google Drive.

The goal of online sessions is the same as face-to-face sessions: a tutor will work collaboratively with you on issues you identify. This is not a drop-off editing service. Expect to ask questions, have conversations, and make revisions during your session. If you leave a session, your tutor may end the appointment.

If you have any questions you may call us, e-mail us, or chat with us live during regular business hours.  

Never used online tutoring before?

Check out this short video that explains how to get started.

What to expect at your appointment?  

Tutor Lauren Lutz waits to begin an online appointment.Together, you and your tutor discuss the reason for your visit and determine the most crucial writing tasks to be addressed. The tutor usually focuses on one or two specific aspects of the project that you feel need the most attention.

Please keep in mind that online appointments that are text-only may move more slowly than face-to-face or Skype appointments because communicating through typing takes longer. You can make follow-up appointments, if you have additional concerns that could not be addressed in your initial appointment.  

During your appointment, the tutor will point out areas of concern and give suggestions for improving your writing. Throughout the session, you will be expected to be actively engaged, making the crucial revision decisions. Your writing improves as you develop skills and build on your writing strengths, focusing on one aspect of your writing at a time.  

Tips for Success: Preparing for Online Appointments  

  • At least 15 minutes before your appointment, email the file you want to work on to writing@bsu.edu. Your tutor will email you back a Google Drive URL about 10 minutes before you are scheduled to meet. Click on this link, and you will meet your tutor in Google Drive. This is also a good time to connect to Skype. If you need help connecting or have a problem with your Google Drive URL, email your tutor at writing@bsu.edu, or talk with your tutor on Skype while you get into Google Drive.
  • If you are using Skype, you can let your tutor know your Skype name through email and/or by connecting with your tutor in Skype.
  • Have your assignment sheet with you--you can summarize or email your tutor the file/hyperlink your instructor gave you. It helps the tutors to know what your teacher has asked of you. Also have handy any work you have already done on the project. For example, if you're having trouble citing a resource, you might have a hyperlink to the resource ready that you can share with your tutor. This will help your tutor help you learn how to cite the specific resource about which you have questions.
  • Have questions or ideas ready for the tutor. This gives your session more direction right from the start. You can talk with your tutor with Skype and/or use the Comment feature to talk about your work.
  • Give yourself enough time between your tutoring session and your deadline to revise your writing; contacting a tutor right before you turn in your paper doesn’t give you time to use what you’ve learned. Come to The Writing Center with the goal of improving your writing, not just fixing your paper. 
  • Come back for another appointment to continue to strengthen your writing skills over time.  

Also check out our policies and how to prepare for your appointment.  

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