Anthropology Dept

Faculty Research Areas

Faculty in our department specialize in topics within archaeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology. Our faculty members are listed below according to their main areas of research specialization. These professors supervise graduate student research and serve on master’s thesis committees.


Old World, Late Neolithic through Iron Age Ireland
Ronald Hicks

New World, North America, Midwest prehistoric archaeology
Mark Hill

Southeast prehistoric archaeology
S. Homes Hogue

Historical archaeology, eastern North America
Mark Groover

Cultural resource management
Mark Groover, Ronald Hicks, S. Homes Hogue

Zoo archaeology
S. Homes Hogue

Biological Anthropology

S. Homes Hogue

Human variation
Evelyn Bowers

Cultural Anthropology

North America, Native American studies, ethnohistory, Northwest
Cailin Murray


James M. Nyce

Technology and culture
 James M. Nyce

Refugee settlement, Welfare, Feminism, Citizenship

Jennifer Erickson

Digital Media, Visual Anthropology, Sexuality and Gender, Religion and the state

Robert Phillips

Environmental Anthropology, Agricultural Sustainability, Ethnobotany, and Amazonia

Nicholas Kawa



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