Digital Portfolio

Need help putting together your digital portfolio? Click on the link below to download a PowerPoint template with instructions that will get you started:
PowerPoint Template for creating your digital portfolio.

Digital Portfolio of 10–15 original works of art. Students who do not attend the Open House or are applying for scholarships must submit a digital portfolio. Your portfolio should be a PowerPoint presentation composed into a single PDF file. The portfolio can be e-mailed to if your file size is 20 MB or less.

If your file size is greater than 20 MB, the file must be saved on a CD and sent via postal mail to the School of Art, Art and Journalism Building, Room 401, Ball State University, 1101 N. McKinley Avenue, Muncie, IN 47306-0405.

Managing images in your PowerPoint. Changing dimensions will help to keep the file size smaller. One way to make the file size smaller is to compress or resize the image to a lower resolution. Resize the image to 72 DPI, with no more than 1100 pixels on the longest side. Don't let your images become so large that they take over the slide. Each PowerPoint slide should be labeled with the title of work (or course number and title), medium, size, and date/term.

If you are submitting video, please upload your video files to YouTube, Vimeo, etc. and e-mail the link(s) to

Inventory Sheet - Documentation of the digital portfolio must include a typed inventory sheet that lists the works submitted and corresponds to the order of the PowerPoint. Please complete and email the Inventory Sheet (PDF file) as a separate file from your PowerPoint. You may also create this on your own and save as a PDF file.

Save Your Documents Using the Following Format:

Last Name_First Initial_item you are sending (e.g. Smith_A_portfolio, Smith_A_essay). Submit any admission or scholarship consideration materials via e-mail to If possible, please use the same e-mail address you used when applying to Ball State

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