Current Students

Pre-art majors, minors, and students enrolled in other majors across campus who want to pursue a bachelor's degree with a major in art involves a selection process that requires the submission of the art program application, a portfolio of original artwork, and Degree Analysis Progress Report (DAPR). To apply a student must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.

Admission Deadlines

February 1 - Spring Semester Review for Students Currently Enrolled at BSU.

Late Entry Accelerated Program (LEAP)
This summer intensive program allows qualified students to complete first-year studio courses during the summer by taking a core set of undergraduate art courses (ADS 101, 102; AFA 101, 202) over a ten-week period. Students who complete the core during the summer submit the LEAP application and portfolio of ten examples of artwork on the last day of second summer session. The number of students admitted is competitive. Learn more about how to get a jump start on a major in art with LEAP (PDF).

Admission Criteria

  1. Academic Record - A current DAPR showing academic record; SAT and/or ACT composite scores.
  2. Portfolio of 10 works of art demonstrating college level art skills, especially those explored in the first-year foundation courses (ADS 101, 102; AFA 101, 202), including a minimum of 3 drawings from direct observation. 
  3. Students who have completed four or more studio courses are encouraged to submit work representing all courses, and may also include other art-related 200-level studio work.

The college academic records of a currently enrolled student is given greater consideration by the Admissions Committee than previous high school academic record or the SAT or ACT composite scores. A student's portfolio, course grades and GPA will be evaluated based upon the level of commitment and achievement beyond the minimum course or grade requirements.

How to Apply

Guidelines for documenting and submitting a digital portfolio.

 For more information and application materials, contact Barbara Giorgio.