Transfer Course Evaluation

The School of Art will evaluate actual artwork or slides of work that demonstrates a transfer student's skill level and exemplifies the content of each course for which the student is seeking a Ball State art program substitution. Course syllabi and project descriptions are also helpful when reviewing work.

Students should not confuse this course work review with the separate portfolio review required for transfer admission.

Helpful Tips for Transfer Students

The School of Art recommends that transfer students:

  • Keep course syllabi, project descriptions, and sketchbooks.
  • Preserve artwork or projects (actual work or slides) from each course they take.
  • Bring all materials for any review process.
  • Follow through with any part of the process that was not completed at the first meeting.

Common Causes for Delay

Problems that can slow the course evaluation process include:

  • Incomplete or missing work examples.
  • Courses that are radically different in structure or are missing key elements.
  • Not following through with completing the course evaluation in advanced-level studio classes (sophomore level and above).

First-Year Foundation Program

Transfer students specializing in any program must complete the foundation core, which consists of two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, beginning drawing, and figure drawing (ADS 101, 102; AFA 101, 202), before being admitted to areas of specialization in the second year of study. Learn more about the First-Year Foundation Program.

Visual Communication

Transfer students should be aware that the Visual Communication (graphic design) program involves a three-year sequence beyond the foundation year, and it's unusual for students to be admitted at any point other than at the beginning of the sequence.

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