Art History

Art History Minor

Students selecting this minor must receive approval from the School of Art. The minor is open to all majors. Art majors selecting this minor must take 12 additional hours of art history courses beyond the requirements in the major.
This minor requires 24 credit hours, including the courses below plus 12 hours from 200 and 300 level AHS courses. 

Minor Core Courses

AHS 101 - History of Art Survey 1
Introduction to art and architecture as social products of a global human history. Both the similarity and diversity of human social organizations and the role of visual culture in time will be discussed. Prehistoric, tribal, Asian, Ancient and European to the end of the Middle Ages. Open only to art majors and minors.

AHS 102 - History of Art Survey 2
Continuation of history of art survey sequence. Western art from the fifteenth century to the present. Prerequisite: AHS 101. Open only to art majors and minors.

ADS 101 - Foundations 1
Exploration of basic art principles, elements, and concepts emphasizing spatial organization of the two-dimensional plane. Also employs basic media, techniques, and tools emphasizing craftsmanship. Parallel recommended: AFA 101. Open only to art majors and minors.

ADS 102 - Foundations 2
Continued exploration and application of basic art principles and elements to organize three-dimensional space. Also employs basic media, techniques, and tools with emphasis on artisanship. Prerequisite: ADS 101. Parallel recommended: AFA 202.

For course descriptions related to this program area in the School of Art, please consult Ball State's Undergraduate Catalog.

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