Visual Communicaiton

Ball State's visual communication (graphic design) program prepares students to be designers of information, which in a broad sense covers everything about our environment: the spaces in which people live and work, the products they purchase, and the messages they send. Visual communication requires attention to detail and cultural awareness. Design education is more than learning technical skills.

Our curriculum develops the student's skills, perceptions, and problem-solving abilities. Visual communication students work with professors to thoughtfully edit and revise their work for presentation and to coalesce their personal growth in creating their unique portfolios. All of these activities are important parts of "real-world" performance.

Through this self-contributing, collaborative effort, students understand and value their work, attain a sense of responsibility for their performance, and achieve ownership of their new abilities. All of these are valuable characteristics for entering their chosen profession.

The visual communication program maintains a policy of selective enrollment. Admission to the visual communication sequence requires a review at the end of the spring term.

Learn more about the degree requirements, including a four-year suggested plan of study (PDF).

View full images of recent student and faculty work in our Visual Communication (Graphic Design) Virtual Gallery.

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Visual Communication Thumbnail