All art majors are required to take the core courses below. Learn more about courses in each of our program areas by following the links to the right.

ADS 101 - Foundations 1
Exploration of basic art principles, elements, and concepts emphasizing spatial organization of the two-dimensional plane. Also employs basic media, techniques, and tools emphasizing craftmanship. Parallel recommended: AFA 101. Open only to art majors and minors.

ADS 102 - Foundations 2
Continued exploration and application of basic art principles and elements to organize three-dimensional space. Also employs basic media, techniques, and tools with emphasis on artisanship. Prerequisite: ADS 101. Parallel recommended: AFA 202.

AFA 101 - Drawing 1
Introduction to drawing, the application of basic principles and elements of art as they relate to drawing concepts. Emphasizes development of perceptual awareness and familiarity with a broad range of media and techniques. Parallel recommended: ADS 101. Open only to art majors and minors.

AFA 202 - Figure Drawing
Life drawing. Intensive study of the human figure. Descriptive, expressive, and interpretative methods of imaging the figure are explored, and a variety of materials and techniques will be introduced. Prerequisite: AFA 101. Parallel: ADS 102.

ART 100 - Art Orientation

Introduces departmental, collegiate, and university courses, programs, practices, and policies. Explores majors, facilities, safety procedures, careers, and services available that concern art majors. Parallel: ADS 101; AFA 101. Open only to art majors.

ART 200 - Introduction to Computer Art
Introductory studio experience in the use of digital technology in the fine arts. Topics include digital imaging, motion graphics, editing and computer animation. This course will also trace technologically driven art from pioneering efforts to current trends, and the central role played by computers in the field of electronic art. Open only to art majors.

AHS 101 - History of Art Survey 1
Introduction to art and architecture as social products of a global human history. Both the similarity and diversity of human social organizations and the role of visual culture in time will be discussed. Prehistoric, tribal, Asian, Ancient and European to the end of the Middle Ages. Open only to art majors and minors.

AHS 102 - History of Art Survey 2
Continuation of history of art survey sequence. Western art from the fifteenth century to the present. Prerequisite: AHS 101. Open only to art majors and minors