Department of Art

Visiting Artists, Designers, and Scholars Program

Annually, a diverse group of nationally and internationally recognized artists, designers, and scholars are invited to visit the School of Art to share their distinct practices and voices. During their visits, the School of Art faculty facilitates opportunities for students and the public alike to engage with these invited practitioners through lectures, screenings, performances, readings, conversations, studio critiques, and workshops. This program is one of many valuable resources promoted through the School of Art that contributes to the kind of experiences art students need to begin building relationships within the professional art world and to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of contemporary art and culture.  

Take a look at our current program or visit the Ball State University Calendar for dates, locations, and times. 

All events are free, non-ticketed, and open to the public unless otherwise specified.

Investigate our past programs of Visiting Artists, Designers, and Scholars by exploring the VADS Archive.