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The Ball State University Athletic Training Program boasts many modern facilities. Each facility is equipped with the latest equipment for treating and reconditioning athletic injuries. The primary facility is in the newly constructed James C. Dickerson and Richard L. Hoover Athletic Training Center. Auxiliary facilities are located in Worthen Arena and in Ball Gymnasium. One of the premier facilities in the Ball State University Athletic Training Program is the Athletic Training Research and Education Laboratory. The laboratory is a completely equipped athletic training room used for instructional and research purposes, only.

James C. Dickerson and Richard L. Hoover Athletic Training Center

James C. Dickerson and Richard L. Hoover Athletic Training Center Located in the Football Training Center, the state-of-the-art athletic training center consists of approximately 3,000 square feet of space. It is divided into areas for taping, treatment/rehabilitation and hydrotherapy. In addition, one of the outstanding features of this facility is the Hydroworx, which consists of an underwater treadmill for aquatic therapy.



Sayers "Bud" Miller Athletic Training Center The athletic training center is in Worthen Arena, within the confines of the Health and Physical Activities Building. It has approximately 2,400 square feet of space and is easily accessible to both male and female students. The center is subdivided into a rehabilitation area, a taping/treatment area, a physician examination room, a hydrotherapy room, a storage area, and office space.


AT Lab

Athletic Training Education and Research Laboratory The Athletic Training Education and Research room is used by students in athletic training courses to provide an athletic training room environment for instruction without requiring the use of a facility in use by the athletes. Various research projects are also conducted in the room.



Clinical Proficiency Evaluation Room

Clinical Proficiency Evaluation Room The Clinical Proficiency Evaluation Room is a small examination room with a panoramic video camera and is outfitted with a treatment table and various athletic training supplies. This room serves as an additional facility where students interact with standardized patient examinations, interact with faculty one on one for oral pracitical evaluations, and practice clinical proficiencies. Students are videotaped during various experiences to better their education.

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