Athletic Training Program

Athletic Training Club

Officers 2015-2016

President: Rob McNulty

Vice President: Abbie Klingsmith

Treasurer: Joe Walter

Secretary: Kayla Haston

Pre-Professional Student Liason: Devin Cox

Junior Class Representative: Brittany Duszynski

Sophomore Class Representative: Meg Lambert

A note from the officers: This year Ball State's Athletic Training Club will be very exciting.  Through executive board meetings we have brain-stormed ideas that will lead more student in the Athletic Training Program to participate in club events.  Incorporation of intramural's, guest speakers, and workshops to help us as Athletic Training Major's expand our knowledge and our friendships.

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this club shall be to bring together, at frequent intervals, those who are interested in the advancement of athletic training and sports medicine; and to establish, maintain, and enhance a rapport with physicians of various specialties, athletic trainers, and other members of the sports medicine community charged with the purpose of promoting health and safety.

MEMBERSHIP:  The membership shall be limited to Ball State University students.  

OFFICERS:  The officers of the Ball State Athletic Training Club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Class Representatives. All officers shall be elected by ballot at the April meeting each year, with term being one year.  Any officer may be re-elected for one additional term.  Other positions may be created ad hoc by the Executive Board.

Elected officers, plus club Advisor(s) form the Executive Board.  The Executive Board shall formulate plans and decide all purposes and procedures of the club. 

If elected officer(s) are unable to meet the responsibilities and demands of their position, the club Advisor(s) will intervene.  Should the elected officer(s) continue to fail to meet his or her responsibilities; the Executive Board can unanimously vote the officer(s) out of the position.  Vacancies occurring among the members of the Executive Board shall be filled by members of the current Executive Board voting on a replacement.  If this occurs, newly elected officers will serve out the term until the next general election.


President Responsibilities include:

  • Attending and professionally leading all Club meetings
  • Recruiting of club members (Come to AT 196, AT 370/371 or appoint officers)
  • Professionally co-leading Executive Board meetings with Club Advisor
  • Oversee all leaf-raking sessions and attend a minimum of 2
  • Oversee all other fundraising sessions
  • Oversee all Club activities (e.g., service, fundraising, Homecoming)
  • Oversee all committees (e.g., Homecoming, fundraising) 

Vice President Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting President as directed
  • Attending and assisting/leading Club meetings in absence of President
  • Assisting/leading Executive Officer meetings in absence of President
  • Oversee and attend a minimum of 2 leaf-raking sessions
  • Oversee Club activities as directed (e.g., Homecoming, leaf-raking, fundraising, service)
  • Oversee committees as assigned
  • Assist in other Club activities as assigned 

Secretary Responsibilities include:

  • Attending and assisting at all Club Meetings
  • Attending all Executive Board meetings and Club meetings
  • Document minutes of all board meetings and club meetings and email those meeting minutes within 7 days to the Club Advisor
  • Oversee and attend a minimum of 2 leaf-raking sessions
  • Oversee Club committees and activities as assigned
  • Assist in other Club activities as assigned
  • Maintain AT Club Facebook page
  • Promptly and professionally send out emails as directed by the President
  • Assist with publicity of Club activities (E-mails, signs, flyers) 

Treasurer Responsibilities include:

  • Attending and assisting at all Club Meetings
  • Attending all Executive Board and Club meetings
  • Managing the financial budget
  • Oversee and supervise a minimum of 2 leaf-raking sessions
  • Oversee Club activities as directed (e.g., Homecoming, leaf-raking, fundraising)
  • Oversee Club committees as assigned
  • Assist in other club activities as assigned

CLASS REPRESENTATIVES: A Sophomore and Junior class representative will be elected to the Executive Board during the annual Officer elections. Responsibilities include:

  • Attending and assisting at all Club Meetings
  • Attending all Executive Board and Club meetings
  • Oversee spring semester service projects
  • Assist in other club activities as assigned 

Definitions to describe the above responsibilities: 

  • Attending:  Being physically present, professionally prepared, and actively involved.
  • Oversee:  Ultimately responsible for making sure that those involved are prepared and present to do various tasks and skills needed to complete tasks successfully.
  • Assigned:  This project is ongoing and you are responsible.
  • Directed:  This project is/are short in nature and has specific outcomes. 

DUES:  Dues shall be $6 for one semester or $10 for the academic year.  Dues are payable on or before the date designated by the Executive Board.  Any person who has not paid their dues is not considered an active member of the club and shall not participate in club functions.  No refund of dues shall be made under any circumstances.

STATEMENT OF NON-DISCRIMINATION:  Membership will not be based on or refused to anyone for reasons of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, physical or mental handicap, age, or status as a Vietnam Era Veteran.

ATTENDANCE:  Attendance will be taken at each meeting by the club secretary.  A club members’ attendance is expected at each meeting.  It is the members own responsibility to attend as well as being prompt to the meetings. Members are also expected to participate in fundraising and community service events.  A minimum of two (2) leaf raking sessions are required of all members.                        

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP: Active membership will be defined by the following:  1) participation in two to three club events per semester, 2) participation in leaf raking, and 3) dues are paid in-full for each semester.  Early graduates of the AT program must be active members to receive AT Club benefits (e.g., reimbursement for GLATA or NATA)    

DRESS CODE and PROFESSIONALISM:  In keeping with the nature and purpose of the club, and in maintaining a professional reputation as a health profession, it is expected that dressing in an appropriate and respectful manner is required.     **Violators of this code will be asked to leave the meeting.   

AMENDMENTS: Any proposed amendments to this Ball State Athletic Training Club By-Laws may be submitted in writing to the Executive Board at any time.  Such proposed amendments must be signed by the sponsoring member.  Following review of suggested revisions by the Executive Board, revisions will be sent to club members for review at least three days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting.  Acceptance of amendments will occur by membership vote at that meeting.

Athletic Training Program
Health and Physical Activity Building (HP) Room 311
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Phone: 765-285-5178
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