Jesse Becker

Jesse Becker

Postdoctoral Research Associate

CL 231E  Phone: 765-285-8889  

Department of Biology
Ball State University
Cooper Life Science Building, CL 121
Muncie, IN 47306

Texas State University, PhD (2013)
Texas State University, MS (2008)
University of California, Davis, BS (1993)
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Research Interests


  • Aquatic ecology
  • Ecosystem ecology
  • Community ecology
  • Microbial ecology
  • Biogeochemistry


  • Land-water interactions and the impact on nutrient cycling in aquatic systems
  • Bacterial carbon processing in aquatic ecosystems
  • Landscape level influences on aquatic communities
  • Mercury bioaccumulation
  • Influence of climate change on aquatic systems
  • Invasive aquatic species

Recent Publications:

Becker, J.C., K.J. Rodibaugh, B.J. Labay, T.H Bonner, Y. Zhang & W.H. Nowlin. 2014. Physiographic gradients more than land use determine nutrient concentrations in a Gulf Slope (USA) river ystem. Freshwater Science 33(3): 731-744

Becker, J.C., K.J. Rodibaugh, D. Hahn & W.H. Nowlin. in review. Bacterial carbon metabolism and biogeography in a sub-tropical riverscape. Limnology and Oceanography

Walters, J., C. Bollman, K. Rounds, D. Starzynski, J. Doll, J.C. Becker, & T.E. Lauer. in review. Spatial and temporal segregation of yellow perch in southern Lake Michigan. Journal of Great Lakes Research.

Rodibaugh, K.J., J.C. Becker, G. Timmins, T.H. Bonner, & W.H. Nowlin, in prep. Bacterial  carbon metabolism in an arid and semi-arid riverine network. Target Journal: Limnology and Oceanography.

Becker, J.C., B.J. Labay, F.P. Lash, K.J. Rodibaugh, T.H Bonner, Y. Zhang & W.H. Nowlin. in prep. Concordance between macroinvertebrate and fish communities in a Gulf Slope river system. Target Journal: Diversity and Distributions.

Becker, J.C., A.W. Groeger, W.H. Nowlin, M.M. Chumchal & D. Hahn. 2011. Spatial variability in the speciation and bioaccumulation of mercury in an arid sub-tropical reservoir ecosystem. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry 30(10): 2300-2311.

Becker, J.C. & A.W. Groeger. 2010. Distribution of mercury in the sediments of amistad international reservoir, Texas, USA. Proceedings of the 30th Congress of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology (SIL), Montréal, Quebec, Canada. Verh. Internat. Verin. Limnol. vol. 30, Part 10.

Gaertner, J., T. Garres, J.C. Becker, M.L. Jimenez, M.R.J. Forstner & D. Hahn. 2009. Temporal analyses of salmonellae in a headwater spring ecosystem reveals the effects of precipitation and runoff events. Journal of Water and Health 07.1: 115-121.