Allison Rober

Assistant Professor

CL 229A  Phone: 765-285-6955  

Department of Biology
Ball State University
Cooper Life Science Building, CL 121
Muncie, IN 47306

Allison Rober

Michigan State University Ph.D.


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Research Interests:


  • algal ecology
  • aquatic ecology
  • wetland ecosystem ecology


  • Environmental controls on benthic algal community structure
  • The role of algae in biogeochemical cycling and foodweb dynamics
  • Consequences of climate change on wetland ecosystem function
  • Consumer driven nutrient recycling

Recent Publications:

Rober A.R. , K.H. Wyatt, M.R. Turetsky, & R.J. Stevenson. 2013. Algal community response to experimental and interannual variation in hydrology in an Alaskan boreal fen. Freshwater Science 32: 1–11


Wyatt K.H., M.R. Turetsky, A.R. Rober, D. Giroldo, E.S. Kane, & R. J. Stevenson. 2012. Contributions of algae to GPP and DOC production in an Alaskan fen: effects of historical water table manipulations on ecosystem responses to a natural flood. Oecologia 169: 821–832.


Rober A.R. , K.H. Wyatt, & R.J. Stevenson. 2011. Regulation of algal structure and function by grazing and nutrients in a boreal wetland. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 30(3): 787-796.


Soranno P.A., T. Wagner, S.L. Martin, C. McLean, L.N. Novitski, C.D. Provence, & A.R. Rober. 2011. Determining regional reference conditions for freshwater ecosystem management: a comparison of approaches and recommendations. Lake and Reservoir Management 27(2): 138-148. *Nominated for the 2011 Jim LaBounty Best Paper Award.


Rober A.R., C. Phillippo, S.A. Wyse, C. Elzinga, S.M. Lawrence, & T. Long. 2010. Investigating the Evolutionary adaptations that have enabled plants to survive in a diversity of habitats. EcoEd Digital Library,


Wyatt K.H., A.R. Rober, & P. de Tezanos Pinto. 2010. Using a cascading food-web case study to assess the ecological and economic impacts of management decisions. EcoEd Digital Library, *Selected as Editor’s Choice in EcoEd’s Jigsaw Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 3 2011.


Kasischke E.S., L.L. Bourgeau-Chavez, A.R. Rober, K.H. Wyatt, J.M. Waddington, & M.R. Turetsky. 2009. Effects of soil moisture and water depth on ERS SAR backscatter measurements from an Alaskan wetland complex. Remote Sensing of Environment 113 (9): 1868-1873.