Fair Rules

  • Exhibits on any scientific subject made by students may be entered if students are enrolled in any class from third through twelfth grade in any public, private, or parochial school in Blackford, Delaware, Fayette, Franklin, Grant, Henry, Howard, Jay, Madison, Randolph, Rush, Tipton, Union, or Wayne counties.
  • Exhibitors in the regional fair should be winners from local fairs or classroom fairs, if such are held (grades 3 through 12).
  • Online registration forms must be complete and a $8 nonrefundable processing fee per exhibit must be in our hands on or before Friday, February 2, 2018. If a check is sent, it should be made out to the East Central Indiana Regional Science Fair.
  • The registration form will need to be filled out completely and special care should be taken to see that the teacher/sponsor information is correct and that the division and classification (in junior and senior divisions) are checked.
  • Elementary exhibits must be kept to no more than three (3) per grade. The elementary division (3rd-5th grades) has no science classifications. The junior division (6th, 7th & 8th grades) and the senior divisions (9th through 12th grades) have the usual categories. There is no limit on number of exhibits in junior or senior divisions. 
  • The Authenticity of Each Exhibit Must Be Endorsed By a Teacher
    Exhibits must be confined to a table or floor space of 76cm deep (front to back) by 122cm wide (side to side), and 274cm high (floor to top). Oversized exhibits cannot be entered in the International Science and Engineering Fair and will be disqualified. No wall space will be available for support.
  • Construction must be durable; movable parts firmly attached and safe. All switches and cords for 110-volt operation must be of approved variety. Each 110-volt operated exhibit must be provided with six or more feet of cord and the popular style of parallel plug. No nails, screws, etc., can be used to attach project to tables, walls, or floor space.
  • Dangerous chemical, open flames, poisonous reptiles, or explosives must not be exhibited. Contestants are responsible for the proper care of live animal and plants. Use of vertebrate animals must meet the requirements for use of live vertebrate animals. Forms* must be completed and signed before live animals can be used in the junior and senior divisions. Failure to have proper forms completed and signed prior to the undertaking of a project has led to disqualification of excellent projects in the past. NOTE: Live animals (including fish) may not be exhibited at the fair! 

*Elementary students do not need to submit these forms. 

  • Exhibitors will bring their exhibits to Ball Gymnasium on the Ball State University campus, on Saturday, February 17, 2018, after 7:15 a.m. (Eastern Time) and have them set up before 8:45 a.m.
  • Judges will evaluate the exhibits after 9 a.m. Scoring will be on work done by exhibitors, not on value of accessory equipment, either borrowed or purchased. Criteria for judging will be based on creative ability, scientific thought, thoroughness, skill, clarity, and dramatic value. Contestants are to be available for an interview during judging of the projects should a judge so desire. 

Because of participation in the International and State Fairs, all junior and senior division exhibits need to display an abstract with their project at the Regional Fair. An abstract consists of a one-page summary (not more than 250 words) that states the purpose, hypothesis, procedures and conclusion after the project has been completed. The sponsoring teachers are to accompany the finalists on these all-expense paid trips. If the sponsoring teacher cannot accompany the group, a substitute will be selected by the Science Fair Committee.

Other awards for which students may compete include:  

  • Carl E. Warnes Microbiology Award
  • Army and Navy Awards
  • BSU Natural Resources and Environmental Meteorological Awards
  • Geological Society Awards
  • Ribbons to first, second, and third place winners in each category
  • Honorable mention ribbons at the discretion of the judges
  • All contestants will receive certificates of participation.

The awards will be announced in Pruis Hall following the program which is to begin at 2:30 p.m. on the day of the fair. Please note there is limited seating in Pruis Hall.

  • Neither the Science Fair Committee, the cooperating groups, sponsors, or Ball State University assumes any responsibility for loss or damage to any exhibit or part thereof, although reasonable care will be provided for protection of each exhibit.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Melissa Schafstall, fair liaison, at 765-285-8857 or mschafstall@bsu.edu.