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On our vocation to serve.

It is true that we are nationally recognized in many ways. We are perceived as a success story, but it is very important to acknowledge that our outstanding reputation is largely based on our vocation to serve others. We are not an introverted, self-serving institution. At CAP, design is a social act.

Ten years ago, our vocation to serve the state of Indiana by imbedding our students and faculty in community-based projects (CBP) was recognized as a university hallmark and adopted as Immersive Learning by our then new President, Dr. Jo Ann Gora. Today as we eagerly await the arrival of our new President, Dr. Paul Ferguson, we already know that our vocation in service of Indiana will be a characteristic that continues to define the distinctive nature of our University.

As we prepare our college annual report, it is always very rewarding to look back into the last academic year and to see how much has been accomplished by our faculty, students, and staff. This year, such a humbling experience is combined with the awareness that our success is not the product of a small number of high-achieving individuals or units. Our success is based on a collective effort in which everything is interconnected. We are a system where all the parts must perform well for the system to be successful. That condition becomes obvious when we measure our collective performance with our current Strategic Plan; EDUCATION REDEFINED 2.0: Advancing Indiana.

To facilitate that assessment, as in previous years, the structure of our College Annual Report follows the same structure of objectives and measures of the university strategic plan, and by doing so provides clear evidence of our distinctive alignment and active contributions. We provide distinctive, high-quality educational experiences, we are recognized leaders for educational and disciplinary innovation, and we advance Indiana through student engagement and faculty expertise.

The CAP Family is a vibrant community that goes beyond our current students, faculty, and staff. Every year our Alumni elevate their engagement in the life of our college, and with their active participation our national recognition and influence continues to grow. In 2014-15 we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary and we are sure that the events of the year will further magnify that condition. We are a closely knitted community that is always ready to celebrate the many accolades that our members receive. In this report you will learn about the multiple recognitions which the CAP Family has received during this last year.

We hope you will enjoy reviewing this report and share in our excitement and enthusiasm. This is truly a great time to be at The CAP.

Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco, PhD
Dean of the College of Architecture and Planning
Ball State University

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