College of Architecture and Planning

Digital Simulation Lab

Excellent opportunities for hands-on learning can be found in the Digital Simulation Lab (SimLab), which provides a state-of-the-art environment and tools for creating stereoscopic 3-D design presentations.

The lab focuses on funded contracts that bring students and faculty together with Indiana practitioners and public or not-for-profit corporations to collaborate on real-life architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, or historic preservation projects. Clients use the lab to consider thermal, solar, environmental, acoustical, or structural simulations of proposed construction projects.

Using the lab, our faculty and students have completed extensive projects and produced impressive literature. Teams are able to provide design recommendations to support new construction projects. It’s easy for students, faculty, and clients to get involved in the lab's work.

If you have questions about the SimLab or would like to schedule a tour or time to use the facilities, please e-mail or call 765-285-4612.
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