College of Architecture and Planning

This I Believe

Who we are, and what we believe...

Based on our college Green Paper, initially drafted in 2008, we declare four key drivers under its rubric of “This I Believe” (TIB).

TIB #1 - We believe in “The Power of the Studio”
We have acknowledged the studio as the fundamental pedagogical model that provides for knowledge convergence and application in our disciplines.

TIB #2 - We believe in “Learning without Borders”
We have acknowledged that our college campus in Muncie is our home base, but we constantly travel out into the region, the nation, and the world.

TIB #3 - We believe in “Multidisciplinary Integration”
We are proud of our professional personas, but we also recognize our need for each other and the richness that emerges from the interaction of our disciplines.

TIB #4 - We believe in “The Perpetual Learner”
We have acknowledged that we never stop learning. Our faculty and alumni symposia are evidence of our need to share knowledge and learn from one another.

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