• Undergraduate Architecture
  • Undergraduate Environmental Design
  • Undergraduate Landscape Architecture
  • Undergraduate Urban Planning

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

A bachelor’s degree through the College of Architecture and Planning is your ticket to a fulfilling professional career in one of the exciting fields of environmental design and planning.

Your Ball State experience will prepare you to move directly into a great job, confident of the abilities you’ve developed through immersive learning and other hands-on projects, field experiences, and opportunities to apply classroom knowledge to real-life challenges. 

Why choose Ball State for your studies in environmental design and planning? In a word, excellence—and not just the quality of our programs. What’s particularly important is the quality of the work you will do here, because we have high expectations of our students.

It’s a demanding, rigorous course of study that requires commitment and time spent in and out of the classroom. Internships provide an excellent opportunity for experiential learning and valuable connections, as do community-based projects, field trips, and study-abroad programs.

Getting Started
You’ll begin your journey in the College of Architecture and Planning studying collectively with your peers in the First-Year Program. Whether you’re planning to major in architecture, landscape architecture, or urban planning and development, you’ll first be introduced to all three disciplines and share design and design communications studios. The first year also is an opportunity to get started on Ball State’s University Core Curriculum.

After completing the First-Year Program, you’ll declare a major in one of our three disciplines. You should also consider a minor that fits well with your major and your particular interests.

Visit and Apply
Please pay us a visit to learn more about our programs and vibrant campus, meet our students and faculty, and get a feel for our cutting-edge facilities. If Ball State sounds like the place for you, apply for admission and check out opportunities for financial aid and scholarships.