• Undergraduate Architecture
  • Undergraduate Environmental Design
  • Undergraduate Landscape Architecture
  • Undergraduate Urban Planning

Course Curriculum

The First-Year Program includes an instructional core of seven required professional courses and allows students to choose liberal arts courses that are part of Ball State’s University Core Curriculum. The seven required professional courses are:
  • CAP 101: Environmental Design and Planning 1 (3 credits) 
  • CAP 102: Environmental Design and Planning 2 (3 credits)
  • CAP 161: Design Communications Media 1 (2 credits)
  • CAP 162: Design Communications Media 2 (2 credits)
  • ARCH 100: Introduction to Architecture (2 credits)
  • LA 100: Introduction to Landscape Architecture (2 credits)
  • PLAN 100: Introduction to Urban Planning and Development (2 credits)

CAP 101 and 102 are design studios offering a full introduction to environmental design and planning. The concepts in these courses apply equally to the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning and focus on the ways these fields all support human activity through the design and planning of sound environments.

These courses offer an introduction to the conceptual disciplines of design, spatial studies, and a broad range of environmental design theories and issues. Students work both independently and in teams, developing skills in problem solving, time and task management, and design communications.

As a student in these First-Year Program courses, you’ll be given your own work/study space in a fully equipped studio, where you’ll be assigned projects that encourage you to apply concepts and principles through creative exploration. Instruction is both individual and through lecture, and field-study opportunities are included.

CAP 161 and 162 focus on the communication of ideas as objects and products of thought. They introduce conceptual and diagrammatic drawing and focus on the coordination of all modes of communication as tools to discover and analyze. Your work in these courses will include freehand drawing, diagramming, orthographic drawings and projections, perspective drawing, writing and speaking, as well as the computer applications used in professional graphic communication.

ARCH, LA, and PLAN 100 are lectures focusing on the three primary disciplines offered by the college. They feature overviews of the disciplines, tackle the societal and environmental issues these disciplines address, and explore the role of the professional. This is helpful background for all students, and those who are still deciding which direction to follow are likely to have a better idea after completing these courses.

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