CAP 50th Anniversary 2014-2015

The 50th Anniversary CAP Family Reunion

Next year our college will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The CAP family will be remembering significant encounters that have enriched our lives and the lives of many around us since our college’s founding in 1965. We can all remember such encounters. Some were casual, others formal. Some were brief; others were long. Some were happy, and some can still bring tears to our eyes. A wide variety of encounters have become memorable and make us part of the CAP family.

Maybe it all started with a visit to campus and an encounter with a staff member who showed real interest in helping you with the difficult decision of where to attend college. Perhaps a faculty member stopped for a moment to shake your hand and welcome you to the CAP. Maybe students working on a model showed you how excited they were about their project.

Later as a student, did you meet that one professor who seemed able to read your mind, answering your questions before you voiced them? Or maybe the encounter occurred for you with an instructor who always knew when to push and when to pull. Or was it in the studio at 2 in the morning when you just needed a smile granting the understanding that you were moving in the right direction? Possibly it was in a classroom when an instructor connected the dots and suddenly everything made sense.

Perhaps it was during a review when you realized that other students were excited by your ideas. Maybe it was in the shop where all your classmates came to help you because you were not going to finish your model on time. Was it at the career fair when a recruiter spent an unusual amount of time looking at your portfolio? Maybe it was at a guest lecture when you realized that professionals with many years of experience were as excited about learning from you as you were eager to learn from them.

And maybe it will happen again when you come back to the CAP to celebrate our 50th anniversary and experience a significant encounter with a part of yourself - a part of you who will always live at the CAP.

Let's celebrate!