College of Architecture and Planning

MArch Grad designs 50th anniversary logo

 Design by Eric Lawler


The celebration of the CAP 50th anniversary began with the unveiling of the anniversary graphic design. The competition, held in June and July, produced 17 very different designs. The online public voting and final jury narrowed the choice down to one as the main logo. That design was submitted by Kevin Tempelman. Kevin Tempelman, Associate AIA, graduated from the Masters of Architecture program in 2013. Kevin is currently an architectural designer at Design Organization, Inc. in Valparaiso, IN. His design now hangs from the CAP building greeting visitors and students. This designed will be used on communication pieces, celebratory products, and more.

During the final jury selection of the design for the 50th, the jury decided to also recognize a second design submission for its uniqueness and creativity. The “CAP House”, as it was named by the designer, is an exceptional view into the day-to-day activities of the students, faculty, and staff of the CAP. Submitted by Eric Lawler, a current third year architecture student, we think you will agree the creativity of this design could not be overlooked.

Thank you to everyone who submitted designs and participated in the process of the selection. Congratulations to Kevin and Eric, whose designs will now become another addition to the history of CAP.