Planning For Your Building

Preservation planning for an individual community is an important first step in the overall preservation process.  Please read below for further explanations of the services we offer with regards to building preservation planning.

Building Preservation Plans
Building preservation plans are useful tools for communities or building owners who would like to implement preservation efforts.  It is important to have a comprehensive plan when thinking about preserving any building in order to maintain the building's historic character and integrity. Incorporating a rehabilitation strategy, proposed scope of work, cost estimates, and potential funding sources, building preservation plans provide a thorough outline of the appropriate steps required to complete a successful restoration.

Historic Structure Reports
Historic Structure Reports (HSRs) are essential documents for planning a rehabilitation or restoration project. They provide key base information, especially important if the historic appearance is unknown, missing elements will be reconstructed, later additions will be removed, or the historic fabric will be modified. According to the National Park Service, a Historic Structure Report (HSR), "provides documentary, graphic and physical information about a property's history and existing condition. Broadly recognized as an effective part of preservation planning, a historic structure report also addresses management or owner goals for the use or re-use of the property." The Center for Historic Preservation is able to assist in all steps of an HSR.

HSRs contain thoroughly researched:

  • histories
  • condition assessments
  • structural analysis
  • architectural descriptions
  • measured drawings

Working with the State of Indiana, Department of National Resources, and the Division of State Museum and Historic Sites, the Center for Historic Preservation has completed HSRs in communities across the state, including New Harmony, Corydon, Metamora, and Madison. The work details a wide scope of many different types of structures from houses and government and commercial buildings to canals and historic sites.

Maintenance Plans
Building maintenance plans are useful tools in promoting the longevity of historic resources.  Maintenance plans are prepared to assist building owners and managers with developing a long-term, incremental program that protects the historic fabric and cultural character of a building.

Adaptive Use Studies
Adaptive use studies provide suggestions for a building's potential future uses.  For instance, an historic manufacturing building may be well-suited for open-plan office space or a grocery store.  Determining the potential uses of a historic building helps communities and building owners understand the value of the building and an additional element of modern relevance for historic resources.

Condition Assessments
Building condition assessments are used to determine the physical condition of a historic building.  These assessments are useful in determining a scope of work for building rehabilitation or stabilization.

Facade Rehabilitation Planning/Renderings
Throughout the twentieth century, historic building facades were simply covered with modern facades. Facade rehabilitation renderings are useful tools in determining what a building could look like if it were restored to its original state or with historic accuracy.  Renderings are an important step in planning for facade rehabilitation.

The Center for Historic Preservation helped Noblesville, Indiana successfully develop a facade rehabilitation plan.  The Center researched grant programs for facade rehabilitation and compiled best practices information.  The end results were three different grant programs to improve the overall design of historic commercial buildings in downtown Noblesville and a user-friendly grant manual for Noblesville building owners applying for the grants.

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