Required Courses

Preprofessional Degree, 120 Credits

The core of the undergraduate architecture curriculum is a sequence of courses in design, design communications, architectural history, structures, environmental systems, and building technology. Related electives in architecture and a variety of other disciplines are available. The program culminates with an architectural design capstone project.

You may pursue this degree as either a bachelor of science (BS) or a bachelor of arts (BA). The BA degree requires two years (or the equivalent) of study in a foreign language.

The following schedule outlines the typical course of study for this degree:     

First Year    
CAP First-Year Program    30
Second Year  
Fall Semester  
ARCH 201 Architectural Design 4
ARCH 214 Architectural Building Technology 1  3
ARCH 229 History of Architecture 1  3
ARCH 263 Digital Design 3
  University Core Curriculum 3
Total Credits 16
Spring Semester  
ARCH 202 Architectural Design  4
ARCH 218  Structural Systems 1 3
ARCH 261 Design Communications Media 3 1
ARCH 273 Environmental Systems 3
Personal Finance*    1
  University Core Curriculum  3
Total Credits 15
ARCH 455 or ARCH 405 Internship or 3 credit studio 0
Third Year  
Fall Semester  
ARCH 301 Architectural Design 5
ARCH 318 Structural Systems 2 3
ARCH 352 Cultural & Social Issues 3
ARCH 373 Environmental Systems 2 3
WPP 392 Writing Proficiency Exam  0
University Core Curriculum 3
  Total Credits 17
Spring Semester  
ARCH 302 Architectural Design  5
ARCH 314 Architectural Building Technology 2  3
ARCH 329 History of Architecture 2  3
University Core Curriculum 3
University Core Curriculum 3
Total Credits 17
ARCH 455 or ARCH 406 Internship or 3 credit studio 0
Fourth Year
Fall Semester
ARCH 401 Architectural Design   5
ARCH 418 Structural Systems 3 3
ARCH 429 Environment & Culture  3
University Core Curriculum   3
General Elective 2
Total Credits 16
Spring Semester
ARCH 402 Architectural Design 6 6
CAP, ARCH, LA, or PLAN Elective 3
Total Credits 9

WPP Exam is required in the junior year. Take pre-reqs of ENG 103 and 104 in the freshman and sophomore years.

ARCH 229 will count for three hours in UCC Tier2 FinArts/Hum/Dsgn. ARCH 401 will count as a Tier 3 Core Capstone Course.

Students may register for ARCH 455 Internship (0 credits) with approval of the internship coordinator. Credit received in ARCH 455 can count toward meeting the master of architecture (M.Arch) professional degree internship requirement.

Second year students: ARCH 405 (3 credits) between second and third year and ARCH 406 (3 credits) between third and fourth year substitute for ARCH 402 fourth year. Third year students: ARCH 405 (3 credits) first summer and ARCH 406 (3 credits) second summer between third and fouth year substitute for ARCH 402 fourth year.

For questions about our bachelor’s degree in architecture, contact (James) Rod Underwood, undergraduate architecture advisor.

For course descriptions and complete information on program requirements, please consult the Ball State University Undergraduate Catalog.


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