Landscape Architecture


Because internships are a great way for you to gain real-world experience and enhance your knowledge of the field, allĀ bachelor of landscape architecture students are required to complete a 10-week internship with a professional firm or public agency during the fourth year of the program.

For graduate students in the first professionalĀ master of landscape architecture degree programs, the internship is at least 10 weeks of full-time employment and is usually completed during the summer between the second and third years.

Internships give you an opportunity to see how classroom concepts and skills are professionally practiced. They also expose you to aspects of landscape architecture, planning, and design that are best experienced in practice. Varying components such as your experience, your interests, and the employer you choose will make your experience unique.

Intership Requirements
You are responsible for arranging your own internship with assistance and approval from the department. You must also:

  • Enroll in an internship course the spring or summer of your internship
  • Submit biweekly reports to the department's internship coordinator
  • Submit a summary paper detailing your experience
  • Create a display of internship experiences and accomplishments

Internship Forms

For further information, contact Malcolm Cairns, Intership Coordinator, at 765-285-1982.