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Graduate Real Estate Development

Curriculum & Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development is a total of 15 credit hours, with 9 credit hours of required, core courses and 6 credit hours of electives.

Discipline Course Title Credits
Urban Planning PLAN 585 Intro to Community Development and Enterprise Planning 3
PLAN 586 Methods of Public Interest Development 3
Choose one of the following:
Urban Planning PLAN 625 Planning Law 3
Business Administration BL 560 Survey of Business Law



ELECTIVE COURSES (Choose 6 Credits)
Urban Planning PLAN 512 Intro to Geographic Information Systems for Urban Planning 3
PLAN 530 Housing & Community Development 3
PLAN 598 Special Projects in Urban & Regional Planning 3-9
PLAN 612 Community Development Studio 3
PLAN 620 Human Impact Analysis 2
PLAN 621 Environmental Impact Analysis 1
PLAN 632 Studio in Community Development and Enterprise Planning 3
Accounting ACC 501 Financial Accounting 3
Business Administration BL 665 Law, Ethics, and Public Policy in Business 3
Interdisciplinary CAP 651 Research Methods 3
Health Science HSC 582 Environmental Health 3
Property Management FCSPM 525 Advanced Management of Government-Assisted Housing 3
FCSPM 530 Advanced Apartment Operations Management 3
FCSPM 615 Senior Housing Options 3
FCSPM 696 Property Management Seminar 3
Urban Design UD 501 Urban Design Studio 1: Urban Design Analysis 2
UD 503 Design Studio 3: Community-Based Design Studio 2
UD 561 Urban Design Communication and Media 1 2
UD 562 Urban Design Communication and Media 2 2
UD 569 Topical Computer Graphics Workshop 1
UD 598 Special Projects in Urban Design 1-3
UD 637 Urban Design Topics and Colloquia 1
UD 640 History of Urban Form 3
UD 663 Computer Visualization 2

Other Requirements

  • Course work must be completed within five years.
  • Students must earn at least a 3.0 GPA to qualify for the certificate, but no course with a grade below 2.0 (C- or lower) can be counted toward the certificate.
  • No transfer credit is allowed to count toward the certificate.
  • You may combine a Ball State graduate degree with this certificate but must complete at least 9 additional credit hours toward the certificate beyond those earned with the degree.
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