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Fascination with architecture and environmental design can start at a very young age—even in grade school, as any kid who likes 3-D puzzles, building toys, or working in the garden will tell you. But where can a student approaching college age have an opportunity to really explore the fields and see how they feel feel as career possibilities?             

There’s no better place than the DesignWorks Summer Academy offered by Ball State's College of Architecture and Planning (CAP). DesignWorks Summer Academy 2017 will be held on July 9 - 21*. *DesignWorks Summer Academy will need to meet its minimum enrollment in order to proceed. If not meeting the minimum enrollment the academy may be canceled.

True to Ball State’s commitment to experiential learning, the summer academy offers a hands-on immersion into the exciting world of environmental design and problem solving, with fun and creative activities led by CAP faculty. The academy's format bears similarities to the college’s First-Year Program for new freshmen—a sampling of our various disciplines, conducted in the same design studios that college students use. 

The program also includes a field trip experience to a place where students may experience a diversity of environmental design, such as a major metropolitan area or an architectural Mecca such as the unusual Indiana community of Columbus. Students stay together in university housing and in their free time can explore a variety of campus recreational and entertainment options.

Learn how to apply, and find answers to common questions. You can also check out photos, videos, and projects from prior years on their Facebook Page to get a good idea of academy life!

"I enjoyed having my eyes opened to the impact that design has on the world."
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