DesignWorks Summer Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions students and parents commonly ask about the College of Architecture and Planning's DesignWorks, followed with the answers:

"What’s the program like?" 
DesignWorks holds classes in the morning and afternoon as well as some evenings, but don’t be put off by that. For the record, these classes are called “studios,” and they’re unlike any high school class you’ve ever had. The atmosphere is less formal, the environment sort of like the art room at your school. About 60 students take part in DesignWorks each year. Learn more about the format and schedule.

"Where do the students stay?"
DesignWorks participants stay together in student residence halls on campus. Students share double rooms and are assigned roommates, but roommate requests are welcome. Towels are provided daily and linens weekly, and the rooms are air conditioned. You’ll eat on campus as well, with choices that are both healthy and enjoyable. Special dietary needs can be accommodated. Most meals are included in the workshop fee, except for dinners on the days of field trips. Bring some money for late-night pizza deliveries, though—it wouldn’t be a college experience without them!

"When is DesignWorks scheduled?"
DesignWorks is offered during a two-week period in July, beginning on a Sunday and concluding on a Friday morning. DesignWorks 2014 will be held on July 13 -25.  

"May participants drive to Muncie?"
Yes, but then they’ll park their cars and turn in their keys for the duration of their stay. Straying from the campus is not allowed.

"What else is there to do?" 
DesignWorks plans a variety of social events and field trips. You’ll have some free time, too, where you can enjoy some of Ball State’s recreational offerings, including swimming, movies, and plays. Learn more about the workshop's format and schedule.

"Are there rules?"
Of course, there are rules, but nothing you wouldn’t expect. Most involve respecting others, not making too much noise, getting a reasonable amount of sleep, staying on campus—that kind of thing. You’ll be treated like a young adult and will be expected to act like one.

"Will there be a chance to show off the projects?"
A final presentation is scheduled on the morning of the last day of DesignWorks, followed by an informational session. Parents are encouraged to attend. It’s the culmination of two weeks of hard work, great learning, and good fun!

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