The mission of the College of Applied Sciences and Technology is to enhance the quality and, when appropriate, the quantity of the educational and creative opportunities available through the departments of the college to students, faculty, and the broader community. This mission is carried out through teaching, research and creative activity, and public service.

Teaching, the primary emphasis of the college, is designed both to prepare students for professions and to maximize students' cultural, intellectual potential. The departments form a well-integrated teaching-learning community that emphasizes learning by doing, as well as learning through stimulating classroom/laboratory experiences and international exchange programs. Research and creative activity are encouraged and seen as inseparable from effective teaching.

The college has a long history of serving a diverse cross-section of the public through vocational and technological programs. In order to assist students in pursuing their maximum potential, the college supports current and future University Core Curriculum programs.

The College of Applied Sciences and Technology will:

  • Develop students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Prepare students to apply knowledge to meet the changing needs of an increasingly technological global community.
  • Enhance student learning through international, internship, practicum, research, and service experiences.
  • Support currently successful programs and encourage the development of innovative and promising new programs and adapting them to the needs of an ever-changing global community.
  • Provide the finest faculty and professional staff available.
  • Optimize the use of technology to enhance teaching and student learning.
  • Improve the college's physical facilities for all programs and activities.
  • Support opportunities for faculty and students to make contributions to the representative fields within the college.