You will take 18 credit hours to fulfill the requirements of the digital media minor. This is broken down to 9 hours of core courses and 9 hours of elective courses.

Core Courses for the Digital Media Minor (9 hours)

  • ICOM 101 The Digital World
  • ICOM 375 Digital Storytelling
  • ICOM 495 Senior Capstone

Electives (9 hours)

  • ICOM 201 Digital Web Design and Usability
  • ICOM 210 Introduction to Social Media
  • ICOM 211 Digital Interactivity Design
  • ICOM 212 Digital Image Design
  • ICOM 213 Digital Video Design
  • ICOM 214 Digital Sound Design
  • ICOM 299x: Special Topics
  • ICOM 390: Independent Study

After you’ve looked at the course descriptions, check out sample plans of study and a yearly schedule of when these courses are offered to help you and your advisor build your plan for the digital media minor.