Students from any major can benefit from a digital media minor. Those who develop digital skills are better able to communicate across multiple platforms, and this is critical is today’s world.

Watch Chris' storyChris Chamberlain, a former Digital Media Minor student, parlayed what he learned in the program to launch his career in experience design at USC.

Our program includes majors from history and anthropology, business, marketing, and journalism, and many others.

Career Matches

Think about your interests and career goals. You might imagine some of these ways how a digital media minor can help you reach your goals:

  • A history major who wants to make history come alive. We’ve seen this through an immersive learning project called Transmedia Indiana. During one academic year, 30 students created an interactive story about various elements of state history that was presented at the Indiana State Museum.
  • An English major looking for a way to tell a story. Students in the digital media minor learn how to craft and present an interactive story using videos, blog posts, online communities, and sound bites.
  • A future game designer who wants to specialize in smartphone apps. Before the graphics are ever applied, the game's story needs to be fully fleshed out. A minor in digital media helps you build your story, develop a platform-specific interface and evaluate the effectiveness of your design.
  • A marketing student who wants to reach target audiences through social media. Students in the digital media minor learn how to reach audiences anywhere online by creating and managing online communities and networks.
  • A visual communications or graphic design student who wants to create digital designs. A minor in digital media helps you apply your visual design skills to the creation of websites and applications that people enjoy using.

See more examples of students’ work to start thinking about how you might benefit with a digital minor degree.

Set Yourself Apart

You will set yourself apart by learning how to interact, engage, and collaborate online. You will gain skills that employers want but few people have.

With guidance from talented faculty - who have experience at Wired magazine, the Detroit Free Press, and other top publications - you will learn invaluable skills for today’s workplace. You will also develop engaging projects to build a digital portfolio, making yourself accessible to a global audience.