To create the best, you need the best. Our college has some of the most high-tech equipment that's used in Hollywood to help you with your many projects.

We have two Sony 900 HD cameras—the same kind used by George Lucas and major movie studios—and the same Sony PD-150 camcorders used on the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch and in the field by A&E and CNN.

Other equipment includes a Sony PD 150 mini-DV camera, lapel microphone, and Wendt mixer, just to name a few. equipment

The equipment is housed in the Art and Journalism BuildingBall Communication Building and the David Letterman Communication and Media Building, which also feature labs that all Ball State students can use.

Our visual animation lab, located in the Ball Communication Building, is equipped with software and hardware to give you full access to the new field of interactivity. You will find an array of audio and video editing software and equipment, including three private post production suites, one voice-over lab for additional/advanced dialogue replacement (ADR), and 30 Mac G5 work stations, all of which have Final Cut Pro and Adobe software.
digital media
The 24/7 media lab is made up of nine individual suites, including a high-definition suite for audio and video editing and postproduction. This lab has been used for the 2007 Summer HD movie and Academy Awards submissions.

Our 2007 Letterman Building is a massive production complex that features five surround-sound editing suites and two surround-sound recording studios for digital cinema and video sound as well as music acquisition and mixing.