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Students and faculty discuss the benefits of the Unified Media experience.

Unified Media Model

Ball State’s Unified Media model equips you with the entrepreneurial, cross-platform news and storytelling experience you need to be marketable in a competitive and changing media industry. 

You will receive a well-rounded journalism and telecommunications education based on our curriculum of digital, video, audio, and print courses. 

Graduates from this program are prepared to lead the transformation of the news and information industries. 

Unified Media Lab

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More than a state-of-the-art facility, the Unified Media Lab (UML) provides you the opportunity to work in an innovative, centralized and immersive newsroom.

The UML offers digital and audio production facilities as well as nearly 50 writing and editing stations for student-run media outlets. There is also a digital news desk, called the i-desk, to coordinate collaboration and classroom seating for an immersive learning experience.

The lab was launched with support from Mark and Debbie Holden and other donors.