Unified Media is an innovative and cross-platform journalism and telecommunications education program that Ball State provides to students. This approach is redefining journalism education by combining a truly integrated curriculum, student-run media and innovative facilities to prepare today’s journalists for a competitive and rapidly changing industry.

Through this one-of-a-kind program, students are interactively learning the skills needed to be well-rounded journalists. Students of all levels, freshmen to seniors, are encouraged to think outside traditional media. While our integrated, rigorous curriculum assures expertise and focused skillset, a Ball State education also means becoming skilled in a wide variety of emerging media fields.


iDesk Model

The iDesk model is a centralized assignment command center that allows iDesk editors to work with all student media outlets to curate content across all platforms. Through this model, students from various journalism and telecommunications disciplines are trained to apply their education about the integrated nature of today’s news environment.

Students at Ball State are not only becoming proficient in the specific area they are studying. On the contrary, students are gaining interactive experience in all different aspects of journalism and telecommunications, making their skill set and knowledge vast in a way that is vital in the constantly changing industry.

Unified Media Advertising Sales and Creative Suite

Tied to the UML, the departments’ nationally recognized advertising and public relations programs fit well within university’s long-standing emphasis on “immersive learning”. Beyond the newsroom, students are learning about advertising, sales, and harnessing data to grow audiences and drive results.

Student sales executives work with real clients, close real deals, and get real results. This gives students the opportunity to get real-world experience in a setting that many other students may not receive until they leave the academic world. Learn more about the integrated sales organization.