About Unified Media

About Unified Media

Unified Media is an innovative and cross-platform journalism and telecommunications education that Ball State provides to students.

All participating student media organizations collaborate together in the Unified Media Lab to provide the latest news and media coverage for the Ball State community in a variety of platforms and publications, such as broadcast, print, digital, mobile, and tablet.

Freshmen and sophomores use the lab for media skills classes, and juniors and seniors participating in immersion classes staff the newsroom alongside student media members.


iDesk Model

The iDesk model is a centralized assignment command center that allows iDesk editors to work with all student media outlets to curate content across all platforms. Through this model, students from various journalism and telecommunications disciplines are trained to apply their education about the integrated nature of today‚Äôs news environment. 

New Media Advertising Sales and Creative Suite

Beyond the newsroom, students are learning about advertising, sales, and harnessing data to grow audiences and drive results. Student sales executives work with real clients, close real deals, and get real results. Learn more about the integrated sales organization.

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A student media leader explains how the Unified Media Lab enhances Ball State's immersive learning experience by providing a professional newsroom environment.
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Learn how a student sales executive sold nearly $50,000 in revenue in a single semester.