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Class of 1998

  • Robyn Carter - Evergreen Hospital (EP, CR) - Kirkland, WA
  • Jason Hammersley
  • Derek Hamby - Program Manager, Department of Defense, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Kim Jong-Kyung
  • Tony Kaleth - Assistant Professor, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
    • Published article in his principle area of research, Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Note a coauthor on this paper was our Associate Coordinator, Dr. Trent Hargens.
  • Tammy McDill-Jewish Hospital Medical Center-East, Supervisor of Diagnostic SVCS, - Louisville, KY
  • Ann Swartz - Assistant Professor, University Milwaukee-Wisconsin
    • Published article entitled "Glucose Control and Walking in a Multiethnic Sample of Older Adults" in Gerontology.
  • Scott Strath - Assistant Professor, University Milwaukee-Wisconsin
    • Dr. Strath is one of the leading researchers on physical activity assessments made with accelerometers. For more information: click here.