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Paul Bock

Professor Emeritus

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Research Interests
Our research interests are in the general area of computational chemistry. In particular, recent research projects have involved the use of molecular mechanics (MM2) and semiempirical molecular orbital calculations (MOPAC) to assess the steric bulk of a variety of phosphine ligands that figure prominently in transition metal chemistry. In addition, we are carrying out ab initio calculations (Gaussian 94 and GAMESS) to examine the configurations and energies of the molecular orbitals present in a series of indenyltitanium compounds that have the potential for use as polymerization catalysts.

Robert J. Morris, Paul L. Bock, Jesse M. Jefferis, and Dean M. Goedde, "The Preparation and Variable Temperature 1H NMR Characterization of 1-(tri- n- butlstannyl) indene." Polyhedron, 1997, 16, 3699-3704.